Somewhere over the rainbow…..

I first met Jenny’s mum at Ettie and Jude’s toddler group (which we love) and when she asked me for my information pack I kept my fingers firmly crossed that I would be booked for what sounded (and eventually was) a really beautiful wedding.

Jenny and Tim are both musicians and their creativity really shone through on the day. Jenny’s mum had made her dress (a talent that I wish I possessed), their friends wrote and performed a piece of music especially for them and all the details, from the flowers to the table decorations, had been made with love by themselves. For me this is what a wedding is all about….family and friends helping to create a day especially for you….wonderful!

Haldon Belvedere in Exeter is, as I have probably said before, one of my favourite venues to photograph and this is where Jenny and Tim choose to hold both their wedding and their reception. The tower is situated at the top of Haldon Hill and is invariably prone to all kinds of weather condition. When I arrived it was sunny (yay) and a bit windy, which is to be expected. Anyway this weather chat is leading somewhere I promise and in fact ranks as one of my most memorable wedding moments to date. It happened when the bride and groom were happily signing the register and the guest were enjoying the performance of the piece of music mentioned above. All was calm and serene inside whilst outside the heavens opened and it started to pour down with rain. The downpour continued for about two minutes before the skies quickly cleared and left the most AMAZING rainbow I have ever seen. It was literally at our eye level and was so beautiful that it brought a tear to my eye. Guests jumped out of their seats to look and photograph this most memorable moment. It wasn’t until later in the day that I discovered that when Tim had proposed to Jenny the same thing had happened. I think that someone ‘upstairs’ was trying to say that they were very happy with the union of Tim and Jenny.