Tom & Leah tied the knot…..

My mum, Dawn, and Tom’s mum, Julie are really good friends so I have known about this wedding for a long time and it was always going to hold a special place in my heart…sob! Also Tom and Leah had chosen to get married at The Edgemoor Hotel in Bovey Tracey which, as mentioned in previous blogs, is one of my favourite venues as my sister and bro-in-law got married there about 3 and a half years ago (on that day I had the title of bridesmaid/photographer….which is no easy feat!). 

So the day had finally arrived, 27th September 2014….the day that Tom and Leah tied the knot. The sun was out, which was a relief and meant that the happy couple would be able to get married outside as they had planned. I arrived at the hotel in the morning to find a very smiley and excited Leah 🙂 Her grinning face was infectious and everyone from make-up artist to the hotel manager were in very good spirits. 

Before long it was time for the beautiful bride to make her entrance. This is the bit that I love the most….the heart of the day…again…sob! Outdoor weddings have a totally different ambiance to indoor weddings which I love. Also as there are no space restrictions I was able to run around all over the place (discreetly obvs) and capture their wedding from ever angle imaginable. 

The Edgemoor are a brilliant venue for photographers to work at. They are helpful when it comes to confetti pictures and that all important big group picture. They were always willing to help and that’s why I love it so 🙂

 Anyway, we had a lot of group shots to get through and then our plan was to go up to Dartmoor. Leah works for The Dartmoor National Park and she had arranged for a Ranger to meet us at Haytor (ace!). Tom & Leah were keen to go to a disused quarry just to the right of Haytor. It is an amazing backdrop for wedding photographs but unfortunately inaccessible by car and is around a 15 minute walk (sometime through horse poo!). I have done it on a number of occasions with couples and once even tried to drive my car (Belingo) across the moorland….hmmmm….that wasn’t my bestest idea ever! Anyway, Leah jumped in with the Ranger and Tom and I ran along behind….phew! We made it eventually. As expected the quarry was beautiful and the perfect backdrop 🙂 After a ride back down the moorland we hopped back into our cars and headed to Parke in Bovey Tracey. This is where Leah works and there is a stunning tree lined drive where I photographed the couple. By this time we were running about 10 minutes late so off we went again back to the hotel. Luckily we made it and the rest of the day went without a hitch. 

Tom and Leah make the perfect couple and it was totally my pleasure to photograph their wonderful wedding….congratulations again Mr & Mrs Phillips and may you live happily ever after x