Lavender House Hotel, Ashburton


7th October 2014 

I met Sophie & Chris at The Lavender House Hotel in Ashburton, Devon a few months before their wedding for an Engagement Shoot. It was evident from their teasing and banter that they were going to be a brilliant couple to photograph. 

Their wedding was going to be a Chinese/English celebration and from past experience Chinese weddings are a frenzy of fun, photographers and food….ACE!! 

Sophie was very calm on her wedding morning and was thinking about others more than herself.  I was really touched when she gave me a huge gift bag full of crisps, drinks, fruit, biscuits and sandwiches to keep me going during the day (so lovely!). The bridesmaids wore matching kimonos and even Sophie’s little dog was wearing a suit and bow tie.

Before I left the bride’s house she gave me a gift for her future groom….I was to present it to him and then photograph him opening it….exciting. 

Once I arrived at The Lavender House Hotel in Ashburton I was more than pleased to discover that the wedding ceremony was going to be taking place outside. It had been raining the day before but it was now a bright, if slightly cold, October day. Preparations were firmly underway and the hotel, as always, were extremely organised. 

Their were tears in Chris’ eyes when he opened his gift, an amazing watch, and I catch it all on camera :-)The ceremony was really touching and I was able to photograph their vows from a few different angles as we were outside. I love it when the Chinese guests get their cameras/phones/tablets out….it was a photo frenzy with group shots being set up all over the place…I was running from place to place so that I didn’t miss any.

During their drinks reception we headed off to Dartmoor for some photographs. The backdrop was beautiful and the new Mr & Mrs Higgs posed brilliantly.

I could write about this wedding forever but I must finish! Sophie and Chris were made to be together, their wedding day was more than perfect and I was  honoured to be their photographer….THE END xx